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So you want to find a Kindle that is on sale, discount Kindles, or the best price for a Kindle in or near New York? There are few if any local options. But the options open up a bit online. We’ll look at both the local and the best online options.

kindles on sale
kindles on sale New York

From time to time Amazon has discount Kindles. One thing to know is that the price of current models drops by as much as 50% when a new model is announced. When Amazon announced the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, prices on the older models did just that. You can check both local and online outlets, including Amazon, for those re-priced older models. See the list at the bottom of this page.

Another way to get a Kindle on “sale” or to find the best prices for Kindles is to get one of the models that has advertising screen savers. Amazon and the advertisers subsidize the units, even perhaps selling them at a loss, to get ads in front of us. The same model comes in both the ad and the ad-free version, with a whopping price difference. Just look for one at Kindles on sale and look for the ones with the lower price with screen saver ads ” they are the “Kindles on sale.”

If you are looking for Kindles on sale in New York, you might think that you just need to know the local stores that carry Kindles. But even if you do know who carries them, buying discount Kindles locally is a hassle compared with buying a Kindle online at Amazon.

Here is a list of stores to consider calling to see if there are any Kindles on sale: Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, Radio Shack, AT & T.

Here is a chart that shows some of the local stores to find kindles on sale and the results of our calls in the Portland, Oregon metro area:

Kindles On Sale – Possible Stores Where You May Find Them

Store Physical Web Site Notes
Target Y Y Wi-Fi and 3G
Staples N N Has another brand
Office Depot Y Y Wi-Fi and 3G
Best Buy Y Y Keyboard 3G; can pre-order the new Touch and Fire models
Circuit City N N
Walmart N N Has another brand
Radio Shask Y N Wi-Fi and 3G
AT & T Y N Wi-Fi and 3G
Verizon N N
Sprint N N
Clear N N
Frys N N

Now that doesn’t look very promising, does it? Few local stores carry Kindles. Only one in our major metro area carries more than two current models, and even it does not carry all six current models.

Kindles On Sale – Online Sources

An online search in August of 2011 for sales on Kindles, i.e. lower than their usual retail prices, yielded none. Maybe at some times of year there are some, but the likelihood of a sale at the time you want to purchase your Kindle seems to be slim.

In summary, the best option for purchasing at the best price for a Kindle on sale when you want it and at less than the suggested retail price is to try to find a model that is a generation older than the newest announced model. And since local stores carry few models and those are usually just the most current model most of the time, the best place for you to find Kindles on sale may just be at Amazon. You can find two older generation units in the used category and six current units in the new category at these links to the relevant pages:

Kindles On Sale – Best To Try Older Models

Kindle Fire ” has color, touchscreen, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch 3G ” has touchscreen, free 3G, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch ” has touchscreen and Wi-Fi
Kindle DX ” has a larger screen and free 3G globally
Kindle Keyboard 3G ” has free 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Keyboard ” has Wi-Fi (used to be called the Kindle 3)
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (2nd generation) ” has free 3G; discontinued; available used
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (1st generation) ” has EVDO wireless; discontinued; available used

Click on any of the above links to get right to the Amazon page for details, specs, etc. Be aware that on many of the pages you can toggle between the ads version (i.e. the ones where there are “Kindles On Sale”) and the no-ads version of the same model. You could say that the older models are the Kindles on sale in that they have been re-priced lower. You could even say that the units that display screen saver ads are Kindles on sale in that they are priced $40 less than the no-ads units of the exact same model.

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I hope you benefited from this post. I’ve tried to show you the way to get the best prices for Kindles on sale.

Now that you likely want to buy a one, where? To get more selection, more options, and fast results you might just get your Kindle on sale right from Amazon.

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