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Although there are many places to buy a Kindle, there are fewer options for getting a refurbished Kindle, especially if you are looking in New York. Think about this: a big well-known brick and mortar store (a place with a building where shoppers go), even if one exists in New York, does not carry refurbished anything, including not a refurbished Kindle. So where can you find one? Does a person choose to have a Kindle refurbished? Usually a person who has one may return it under warranty or may have it repaired. When items of enough value are repairable and are returned, then others may be able to find and purchase a refurbished Kindle at a discount. Where might you find one? Usually items are returned to the place of purchase or to a manufacturer, which in this case is Amazon. Use this shortcut to go directly to Amazon’s Devices page where you can type “refurbished” on the search line to see all of those that are available.

kindle refurbished  kindle refurbished New York

So you think you might want to buy a refurbished Kindle nearby or online. The choice to buy refurbished items is often a good idea, but it depends upon the type of product and if it will really save any money.

In the case of a Kindle that is refurbished, even if it is returned to another outlet than the creator or manufacturer, it ends up being sent there in the end. These are not field repairable or store repairable items.

When shopping for refurbished items, there are sometimes other outlets than the manufacturer. With the Kindle, in addition to the main choice, Amazon, the creator of the Kindle, there is such an outlet, or rather, many of them. They are sellers on eBay who have chosen to carry refurbished Kindles. And although eBay is your second option, it is not a good choice. First, you won’t likely save any money – I have researched it. I have seen refurbished Kindles on eBay at a higher price than the price of a new one. What’s with that? Second, you are more likely to get a warranty, or a longer one, with a refurbished Kindle from Amazon than from a reseller. In addition, do you really want to go with a refurbished unit, which is really a repaired, used, formerly faulty unit, that may cost just as much as or more than a new unit, from someone who is not even the maker?

Alternatives to a refurbished Kindle are a new one or a used one. Many people think they would rather have a refurbished unit vs. a used one. They desire the new appearance, function, and maybe a warranty that might come with it, but want a used or almost used price. Although reasonable for some things, it may not work out that way for a Kindle unless you get it from Amazon. The price points are so narrow between new, refurbished, and used units that you might end up choosing a new unit anyway. But there is no harm in checking out the current refurbished Kindle availability and prices first.

While considering a refurbished Kindle, you might not have settled on a model. I have some reviews for you to help you decide on a model or to reinforce your choice if you have almost decided on one. Check out the Interesting Articles on the right side bar. And if you want specifications, such as size, color, weight, etc., you can get more information.

Kindle Models

If you are still not sure, you can find two older generation units in the used category and seven current units in the new category at these links to the relevant pages:

Kindle Wireless Reading Device 1st Generation ” has EVDO wireless; discontinued avail used and maybe refurbished
Kindle Wireless Reading Device 2nd Generation ” has free 3G; discontinued; avail used
Kindle DX ” has free 3G globally
Kindle Keyboard – has Wi-Fi (used to be called the Kindle 3)
Kindle Keyboard 3G – has 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch ” has Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch 3G ” has 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Fire ” has Wi-Fi

Click on any of the above links to get right to the Amazon page for details, specs, etc. Be aware that on many of the pages you can toggle between the ads version and the no-ads version of the same model.

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I hope you benefited from this post about refurbished Kindles.

Now that you likely want to buy a Kindle, where? Since your options in your area are very slim, you could go straight to the source to get a refurbished Kindle, where you may get more selection, more options, and faster results.


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