Nov 072013

A discussion of the glare properties of the Kindle Paperwhite vs. the iPad is interesting. Althouh the iPad can do more than dispay ebooks, the Kindle Paperwhite may be better for its sole purpose – reading ebooks – since it has much less glare in outdoor lighting. The article below gives more details. It is from on the Cult of Mac site, where in general they prefer the Apple products..

Amazon Blasts iPad In New Kindle Paperwhite Ad [Video] – Cult of Mac Thu, 07 Nov 2013 12:06:42 GMT

LAPTOP MagazineAmazon Blasts iPad In New Kindle Paperwhite Ad [Video]Cult of MacI’m a genuine believer that even if you have an iPad, there’s room for an e-ink Kindle in your life if you love to read. No one is questioning the design or hardware supe …

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