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If you are looking for the main Kindle Internet website, it is at Amazon.

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Although you might find some of what you want for your Kindle in Wenatchee, for Kindle devices, Kindle accessories, and Kindle books, both free and for purchase, there are many other Kindle Internet sources. You can find all their offerings at their store.

Kindle Internet Sources

  • eBay
  • Target’s website
  • Office Depot’s website
  • Best Buy’s website
  • Craigslist

If you think you might get better prices on Kindles by trying other Kindle Internet sources besides Amazon, check this out. I did a lot of research on this. Amazon subsidizes and is even thought to sell Kindles at a loss. They make their profit from margins on other items and from the advertising that is on the lower priced version of each model. Resellers can’t compete with that. Margins are almost non-existent whether you buy a Kindle at a local store or purchase a Kindle on the Internet. We have even seen resellers list a price that is higher than Amazon’s price!

Accessories for Kindle on the Internet

For accessories, you can find many more options and more variation in prices than for Kindle devices. Your largest selections will be on the Internet vs. in local stores in or near Wenatchee. Also try kiosks in malls for covers, lights, etc. But if you want to see over a thousand accessories online in one place, check out these.

Kindle Internet eBooks

For Kindle eBooks you have many options. I like Amazon itself for the huge base of free books and the widest selection of books even at a price. Overall, they have over a million available. If you want books for your Kindle, just go to their bookstore.

Kindle Internet Access

If you are wondering which Kindle models have Internet access, here is some information about that. There was an EVDO (high-speed data network) model and there are Wi-Fi models, and 3G models, and then there are models that have both Wi-Fi and 3G. The original 1st generation model had EVDO Internet access. Wi-Fi models can pick up free Internet signals from “hot spots” that may be in close proximity, such as one might find at a coffee shop, hotel, or resort, etc. 3G models have a built-in cellular phone and connect like a cell phone with a cell tower for Internet access. The 3G coverage is included, i.e. free.

For your convenience, here is a list of the models that have the three types of Kindle Internet access, EVDO, Wi-Fi and 3G cellular:

Kindle Fire ” has color, touchscreen, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch 3G ” has touchscreen, free 3G, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch ” has touchscreen and Wi-Fi
Kindle DX ” has a larger screen and free 3G globally
Kindle Keyboard 3G ” has free 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Keyboard ” has Wi-Fi (used to be called the Kindle 3)
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (2nd generation) ” has free 3G; discontinued; available used
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (1st generation) ” has EVDO wireless; discontinued; available used

Those allow you to get to details, specs, etc. Be aware that on many of the pages you can toggle between the ads version and the no-ads version of the same model.

If you are not yet sure what Kindle model you want, you might want to check out some of our Interesting Articles on the right sidebar. Besides many buying related articles, we have some reviews of the various Kindle models for your benefit.

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I hope this Kindle Internet post helped you.

Now that you likely want to buy a Kindle, a Kindle accessory, or an eBook that will work on a Kindle, where will you go? I get more options and faster results when I choose to get a Kindle on the Internet.









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