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When it comes to buying a Kindle in a store, there are a few choices. The main source is the maker, Amazon. Some other places to buy a Kindle are local stores that may be in or near St. Cloud. You can also find Internet stores. Where you purchase a Kindle depends upon what makes the best sense for you among your options.

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For the latest models announced but not yet released, the fastest way to get one is to pre-order one at Amazon. In my research in my metro area, I found only one local store that would allow me to pre-order an as-yet-unreleased model. After the release date, you can also get the newest models from some retailers and online stores.

Who Sells Kindles that have been released? First the list, then a discussion about what makes sense:

List Of Where You Can Buy A Kindle In A Store

  • Amazon, the maker
  • Local stores
  • Stores with a web site store
  • Online stores
  • Auction stores (eBay and other auction web sites have some “stores” for sellers)

The local store option doesn’t look so good in or near St. Cloud. First, it takes a lot of time to make calls or go see what stores have on hand. It’s not as easy as you might think. I wanted to buy a Kindle in a store. I went into an AT & T store at Washington Square Mall, the big one in Tigard Oregon, a direct suburb of Portland. They had one Kindle on display. One! What? There are many models, for crying out loud. So, about a day later, I looked online for what stores carry Kindles. I gave a staff worker a list and had him make calls. Now you’d think there are many places to buy a Kindle, wouldn’t you? See this chart of what he found out by making calls for a while:

Where You Can Buy A Kindle In A Store ” Research Table

Store Physical Web Site Notes
Target Y Y Wi-Fi and 3G
Staples N N Has another brand
Office Depot Y Y Wi-Fi and 3G
Best Buy Y Y Keyboard 3G; can pre-order the new Touch and Fire models
Circuit City N N
Walmart N N Has another brand
Radio Shask Y N Wi-Fi and 3G
AT & T Y N Wi-Fi and 3G
Verizon N N
Sprint N N
Clear N N
Frys N N

As you can tell from the table, there is also little hope to buy the Kindle model you want at a local store in or near St. Cloud. The major brand stores just don’t seem to be in the market to allow you to easily find and buy a Kindle in a store.

So then, where to buy a Kindle in a store? Target, Office Depot, and Best Buy seem possible for some but not all models. But the selection was limited when I checked. So, after my research, I decided that local stores were not for me. I’m going online. Now, if you are open to a store that is online vs. in a local building in or near St. Cloud, you might try a search for the term “online store kindle.” Of course Amazon comes out on top. The next highest ranked store has them as well, but hovering over the image links show that it is an Amazon owned store called “astore,” not an independent store. The third ranked store, M-EDGE, looks like it has Kindles for sale, but it is deceiving. The pics of them are just for selecting the one you might have so that you can get to what is for sale ” items that fit or work with it, i.e. accessories. So, what I see is that my best online store option is at Amazon or their “astore.”

Other Options to Buying a Kindle In A Store

There are other options besides stores, whether local or online. You can buy a Kindle at some auction sites that have “stores.” eBay is the main one. But buying on an auction usually involves bidding and waiting, and most eBay sellers sell at about the retail price anyway. There are some Buy-It-Now offers. That takes waiting out of the equation. But it’s hard. You have to wade through to find just the Buy-It-Now ones among the thousands listed or filter the listings. Filtering is the third tab, by the way. To find a good deal takes a lot of time and care. You need to sort the listings by price plus shipping. For that you need to enter your zip code and choose a shipping method. Don’t forget to check the reputation of the seller. Wow, it’s just a bother!

Some eBay sellers give the option to buy at a listed price in their eBay “store.” And will you save any money? Not necessarily. The Buy-It-Now or store price for Kindles can be just as high ” and have been seen to be higher than ” Amazon’s retail price. Is an auction web site where to buy a Kindle? Not for me.

I looked for hours on Craigslist. Little is available. The hassle of local pickup is still there and reputation checking of sellers is not an option. Craigslist is not where I want to buy a Kindle. I’m back to where I can buy a Kindle in a store.

Finally, after much research, I have decided that where I will buy a Kindle is at the one place that has all models, gives me all the choices, has all the information I need for comparison, has the accessories and ebooks, for sure will warranty my items, will allow hassle-free registration, and is fast and easy. If you, too, want those advantages, you might  buy a Kindle in a store, albeit an online store.

For Your Convenience

If you are already sure of the model you want, you can get to it directly at the links in the list below. You’ll find two older generation units in the used category and six current units in the new category at these links to the relevant pages:

Kindle Fire ” has color, touchscreen, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch 3G ” has touchscreen, free 3G, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch ” has touchscreen and Wi-Fi
Kindle DX ” has a larger screen and free 3G globally
Kindle Keyboard 3G ” has free 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Keyboard ” has Wi-Fi (used to be called the Kindle 3)
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (2nd generation) ” has free 3G; discontinued; available used
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (1st generation) ” has EVDO wireless; discontinued; available used

Click on any of the above links to get right to the Amazon page for details, specs, etc. Be aware that on many of the pages you can toggle between the ads version and the no-ads version of the same model; the ads version costs less since it is subsidized.

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I hope you got a lot out of this post.

Now that you likely want to buy a Kindle, a Kindle accessory, or an eBook that will work on a Kindle, where will you go? I get more options and fast results when I choose to get mine at Amazon’s store.


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