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The Kindle Touch is lighter and smaller than the prior models. Lightness makes it easy on the hands for long period of read. Smallness makes it easy to carry. Think shirt or pants pocket. It will even fit in tiny purses now.

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The name Kindle Touch implies a touch screen – which it does have – but there is even more to this model than that. It has text to speech capability that makes this model an accessibility-friendly unit. Just what your elderly parents need.

To go along with the easy to use touch screen is a feature called EasyReach. With it you can turn pages one-handed by a simple tough vs. a swipe that used to require two-handed operation.

The Kindle Touch storage can hold about 3000 books. That sure is easier than packing or carrying a bunch of physical books and magazines. You can sample books before purchase. And book prices are lower than physical book prices in bookstores. There are also millions of free books available since they are out of copyright.

Finding and purchasing movies, books, magazines, and games is easier and faster than traveling to a bookstore or game store. And online selection and availability is much larger than at most any brick and mortar store.

Another new feature of the Kindle Touch is the ability to borrow eBooks from a public library.

The Kindle Touch can play both audio books and MP3 sound files. You may just be able to leave your music device behind now.

The basic Kindle Touch unit comes with Wi-Fi for connectivity to sources of content. The Kindle Touch 3G has both Wi-Fi and free 3G cellular connectivity. There are no ongoing fees for the 3G wireless service. 3G give the Kindle Touch connectivity in more places than with Wi-Fi alone. Wi-Fi requires finding a hotspot, 3G does not and that is why the Kindle Touch can connect to source of content in more places then the non-3G model.

Backup of all your purchased items is free for anywhere anytime re-download. A record is kept of your purchases and the content is always online, a nice convenience.

The Kindle Touch allows you to email personal documents and PDF files to the unit from your computer so that you can conveniently take your personal files with you.

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You can get more information about the Kindle Touch here:

Kindle Touch Models

Kindle Touch 3G – has touchscreen, free 3G, and Wi-Fi
Kindle Touch – has touchscreen and Wi-Fi

Other Kindle Models

Kindle Fire – has color, touchscreen, and Wi-Fi
Kindle DX – has a larger screen and free 3G globally
Kindle Keyboard 3G – has free 3G and Wi-Fi
Kindle Keyboard – has Wi-Fi (used to be called the Kindle 3)
Kindle 3G – has free 3G
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (2nd generation) – has free 3G; discontinued; available used
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (1st generation) – has EVDO wireless; discontinued; available used

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