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So you think you might want to buy a Kindle DX.

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Here is a review I received on the Kindle DX:

The Amazon Kindle has had great success and has been the bestselling item on their website for many years. But now, they have taken a successful product and improved on it even more!

The first thing that I noticed with the Kindle DX was the screen. It was so easy to read because there was no glare at all, something one usually notices on computer screens. It’s such a pleasure to use because the screen looks just like the paper of a book. It’s especially wonderful for drawings and pictures. Another noticable thing is size of the screen – it is much larger than the old Kindle. It has an approximately 10 inch screen.

The Kindle DX is pre-loaded with an on-line dictionary. It allowed me to look up a word that I didn’t know. I could use it to do research as I read. It comes with Wikipedia, too! If I get curious about a topic or don’t know enough about a subject, Wikipedia is there for me. Nice!

The DX let me cut and paste and copy things and then post them to my social networks and even email them to my friends.

The battery life on the Kindle DX is great. It will last almost a week, even with the wireless feature turned on. If the wireless is turned off, it will go three weeks before I have to charge it up with the included charger. That, to me, is a major feature and well worth the price of the Kindle DX. My laptops have never given me that much time between chargings.

The 3G wireless access is free. I can surf the web anywhere.

I did not have to sign any contract with my purchase of the Kindle DX.

Downloading books and magazines is so quick. I can download an entire book in less than a minute. If I hear of a book that sounds interesting and I know I’d like to read it, I just go to the Amazon store and can have that book in my Kindle DX very fast. Beats going to a local store!

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I hope this Kindle 3G review helped you learn what you needed to know. If you need more details, you can get them here:

Kindle DX – has a larger screen and free 3G globally


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