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Here is a Kindle 3G review I received:

The Amazon Kindle, the best selling product on the Amazon website, now offers the Kindle 3G, which covers both the Kindle Touch 3G and the Kindle Keyboard 3G. Both of the above Kindles have very equivalent utilities. The 3G in the Kindle 3G stands for third generation. (Editor’s note: not exactly true – 3G stands for the type of wireless connectivity, as in Whispernet, EDVO, or 3G; you may have heard of 3G in cell phone discussion, and that is what this is, cellular connectivity.)

The screen on the Kindle 3G has been improved in that it now has a no glare screen which means you can view the screen easily even on the brightest of days, even at the beach, with no glare. There are also new fonts for a clearer display. The screen can be rotated to view in landscape or portrait view making it easier to read charts and maps and there is a great zoom function for close-up looks.

The battery life on the Kindle is phenomenal! You can read every day for half an hour and not have to charge your battery for almost 2 months. If you keep the Wi-Fi connected, you still get about 20 days of battery life. You can charge the Kindle 3G either at a wall socket or through your computer with a USB cable (which is included).

The new Kindle 3G is very light – less than half a pound and is thinner than previous versions. It is easy to carry and transport. The screen is smaller than the previous versions at about 6 inches and the resolution is great, offering photos and text that look bright and clear. The back of the Kindle 3G has a soft-touch back, instead of the usual metal.

The Kindle 3G can store up to 3500 e-books. The memory is 4 GB, more than enough for storing all the books you’d like. Kindle books are quickly downloaded, most in less than a minute. Not only that, but Amazon automatically backs up any book you’ve purchased in their Kindle library. So, if you accidentally delete your book, you can easily download it again at no cost.

The Kindle 3G offers wireless reading and Internet connectivity and there are no contracts to sign. It is free for life! Kindle 3G also provides Wi-Fi service.

In addition to all of the above features, the Kindle 3G offers a built-in music player, search and dictionary function and browser and e-mail features. I can’t say enough good things about the Kindle 3G. Amazon has really made a wonderful product!

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I hope you benefited from this Kindle 3G review. There is more information by clicking the Kindle 3G link below:

Kindle 3G – has free 3G

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The links above will take you to even more details.

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