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(later re-named the Kindle Keyboard)

So you might buy a Kindle 3.

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Here is a Kindle 3 review I received:

Amazon’s Kindle 3 is a wonderful addition to the Kindle lineup. I found a surprising number of new features in this third generation of the Kindle.

To begin with, the size of the Kindle 3 has a keyboard, which makes it larger than the older editions, but still has the same screen size. The screen has wonderful contrast and darker fonts. And speaking of fonts, you can choose the font you prefer. The Kindle 3 has a textured back rather than the usual metal so it’s easy to hold and comfortable in the hand. The display is great even in very bright sunshine. The anti-glare screen works great, even at places like the beach.

The Kindle 3 has built-in Wi-Fi and better web browsing than earlier models.  There is much more storage than the older editions… enough space to hold 3500 books! One of the most impressive features about the Kindle 3 is its battery life. If you do not have the Wi-Fi turned on, the battery will last a month (under typical usage) before needing to be charged. There is a convenient “low battery” warning that gives you plenty of time to charge your Kindle 3. You can also use the Kindle 3 as an MP3 player and even listen to music as you read the book. What a great idea!

While reading, there are many features at your fingertips. For instance, if you need to look up a word, just check your dictionary for an instant definition. If you need more detailed information, try the Wikipedia feature. And, once you do find the information you need, you can then write yourself notes now that there is a keyboard. There is also a highlight feature.These are some of the features that were lacking in prior models and were the reason some thought that the Kindle was not yet ready for students. Now that those features are available, this model is ready for students and the classroom.

The new Kindle 3 has so many wonderful features and improvements that it is well worth the price and will bring you enjoyment for many years to come.

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Editor’s note:  The new name for the Kindle 3 is the Kindle Keyboard

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